Complexion Boosting Ingredients

It is all about the glow! A radiant complexion is usually a telling sign for healthy hydrated skin. In many of our products that promise a substantial glow, honey and citrus peels are usually the reason for it. You can absolutely achieve luminous skin with items straight from your grocery store!


Raw honey is extremely emollient which locks in moisture and keep hydrated for longer. Its antibacterial properties help keep your skin clear which is also important to achieve radiant skin. You can find this ingredient in our Brighten Mask which already promises a substantial glow with French yellow clay and fruit enzymes.

Citrus Peels

Citrus fruits are actually a great source of vitamin c. Vitamin C is the powerhouse ingredient for the ultimate longlasting glow. These fruits also house a great source of calcium which helps rebuild the skin from any damage. This overall rejuvenates the skin which promotes a more luminous complexion. Our Uplifting Facial Steam and Uplifting Bath Soak both have citrus peels in them which promise pure radiance!

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