Is your self-care routine enough?

Self-care, in all of its forms, is really important to us here at Klei. However, everyone’s self-care journey is different. A lengthy self-care routine is great, but is it really beneficial if it’s not targeting what you honestly need?

For me, self-care means winding down. I suffer from insomnia because my mind is constantly running a mile a minute. I was trying the most elaborate routines, but was I really helping my sleep issue? No. As I have gone down the path of improving my issue, I noticed that it starts from the moment you wake up and ends right when you finally fall asleep.

Lighting a candle and taking a bath does not fix your issue, it is only a small step on the road towards your self-care goal. I found that being mindful throughout the day made the most significant difference. For example, the way I ate, how productive I was during the work day, and limiting my use of technology.

Some steps to follow:

Step One: Listen to your body and make a list of the ways you feel you are lacking physically and mentally.

Step Two: Reassess your goals based off of your self-evaluation.

Step Three: Plan out your average day/week so you can fit in the new additions for improving your life. This will keep you on track.

Step Four: Try to stay disciplined. What habits are keeping you from your goal?

Step Five: Assess your first week and note your progress. Can you do more? Was it effective on the first go around? What else are you lacking?

A self-care routine paired with a little self-love could help benefit your life in new ways. It takes time and patience, but once you accomplish your goal, there is nothing you won’t be able to do.