Why You Shouldn't Over Cleanse

Yes, it is possible to over cleanse your face. Here at Klei, we believe the gentlest approaches to skin care are often the most effective.

The telling signs that you are over cleansing:

-  The tight feeling after cleansing. Your skin is being overwashed, and its natural oils are stripped.

-  You’re starting to develop adult acne. Because of the stripping of your natural oils, your oil glands are going in overdrive.

-  Your skin has developed sensitivity it did not have before. Your lipid barrier is damaged. For example, rashes, broken capillaries, and slight tingling when using the most basic of products.

It is important to keep your lipid barrier healthy. This barrier protects the movement of water and electrolytes throughout the skin. It’s filled with cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides which keep your skin strong and young. Just like many things with our body, if it is damaged it can also be repaired.

Our Coconut Milk & Rice Bran Foaming Pink Clay Cleanser is a great cleanser to keep your lipid barrier strong while still effectively removing impurities. Coconut milk softens skin, while rice bran slightly exfoliates. Rice bran has been used for centuries in Japanese cleansing ingredients it really gets the job done! chamomile and calendula calm and soothe skin, and french rose clay gently clarifies. Yes, we said “foaming” cleanser. Most cleansers that foam are usually very abrasive on the skin. We use a natural foaming agent called sodium cocoyl isethionate powder which is equally as hydrating as it is foaming. It comes from coconuts and effectively removes oil without stripping the skin.

We recommend this cleanser AM or PM as your second cleanse. However, do not focus too much on your cleansing routine in the morning. As long as you regularly clean your sheets there is not much your skin has been exposed to at night. Wetting your face with lukewarm or cold water is a great first step in the morning. At night we recommend a micellar water/oil cleanser as your first step and then our cleansing powder as your second.

First Cleanse Recommendations:

- Biologique Recherche's Eau Micellaire Biosensible

- Biologique Recherche's Lait VIP O2

- Then I Met You's Living Cleansing Balm

- Pai Skincare's Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil

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