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I love the products I ordered. They are beautiful. I will be purchasing more!

Soothe Self-Care Set

New Favorite Mask!

I already use the pink clay mask (Nourish) and love how it feels but the green clay is my new favorite! The aloe vera is soothing and cooling while the mask really pulls out dirt and oil.


it is a beautiful set, feels so smooth!


The products smell amazing and work beautifully. Super pleased to add these to my repertoire.

Uplift Facial Steam

I really enjoy this steam. It has a lovely delicate smell and is just so relaxing. I also really appreciate the outstanding customer service of Val and the Klei team!

My new favorite thing!

Love love love this. Smells amazing. Feels luxurious. Ordering more now.

Quick Processing and Beautiful Product

When my daughter's teacher hinted that she loved bath products, I knew Klei was the place to go for some at-home pampering holiday gifts for her! Klei processed the order quickly, even during the holiday rush, and my daughter's teacher was THRILLED with the lovely gifts!

Spa day brought home

The best stocking stuffer of 2020! These soaks are perfect for elevating the standard bubbles. Grab a book and settle in for some cozy bath vibes. Love how calming and restful the lavender is. Super soothing as well. These help give me that restfulness I need before bed and will definitely get more.


The products I bought were so great and smelled so great. The packaging was great for my box. I bought this for my mom and she loves all of the products!

only thing thats ever shown me results

Ive tried so many different skin care products and my 100 percent honest review is that klei is the only brand where ive gotten results that are positive and improvements. i love klei ! <3

Cleanse Coconut Milk & Rice Bran Foaming Face Wash

silkiest bath soak ever

Soften does just what it says in its name, it softens your whole body into a sweet little coconutty marshmallow. It smells amazing and leaves you feeling so soft and silky out of the tub. sometimes i dash a little in the shower too just for the smell! love this product so much and would recommend to anyone or gift it <3

Clay cleanser and clay brightening mask


Great gift,

I ordered three of these as gifts and the recipients loved them. Smells great and the pretty presentation make it a perfect gift.

Gentle and refreshing

I really enjoy using this mask. Unlike other masks I’ve used, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. It’s gentle and leaves my face feeling refreshed and new!

Love its smell and color

Purchased several items from this shop as a gift, love it all! They smell so nice and natural. The clay masks easy to apply, the lovely bath salt with dried lavenders will make your body smell wonderful, the scrub is a bit too oily but works great for a dry skin. Great costumer service, very quick to respond any of my questions.

Klei Beauty, back at it again!

This was my 3rd or 4th order (Ive lost count) and Klei is still hands down my favorite! Love this brand foreverrrr

Love this face oil!

I think this is the only acne product I've ever used that is a moisturizing product. Usually I stay away from any acne treatment because they're drying and affect the texture of my skin.
This makes my skin so soft and glowy though and I feel like it soothes my skin. I wouldn't say it gets rid of my acne or really prevents breakouts. But it keeps my skin super hydrated and balanced and I feel like that alone usually helps me breakout less. And I do feel like it makes the acne I do get less inflamed and less red than it typically would be.
Oh and it smells amazing :)))

The best face wash...

The best face wash I have ever used. I came across it in a small boutique right before the NY lockdown. I was skeptical but the owner of the boutique praised it so much I had to buy it. She was right and I don't regret it at all. It cleans very well and doesn't dry out my skin or make it feel stripped. It makes my face feel smoother after washing. My face also started to clear up after consistent usage.

luxurious and ecofriendly

I was really trying to find something more interesting than a bar of soap for face cleaning but couldn't find anything that didn't have plastic packaging - I love the coconut milk & rice bran wash -- my face feels clean and soft and it is fun to use. I have sensitive, dry skin, and this really made me feel as if I stripped off the spf and other day lotions but didn't rob my skin of the natural barrier

Unbelievable for sensitive skin!

There weren't kidding when they said this mask is great for sensitive skin! I have extremely sensitive and dry skin and have never found a mask that either didn't irritate my skin or left me dry and uncomfortable, until now. It truly did brighten my complexion and left my face feeling soft and smooth and fresh. Love the natural ingredients and the environmentally responsible business model.

So Gentle!

I have so many problems with face masks drying out my skin, irritating it, and making my acne worse, but this mask has worked wonders so far. It's so gentle and has helped clear up some existing acne without irritating the skin. Thanks Klei!