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Klei is a natural self-care brand, committed to environmentally-conscious practices.

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I love my KLEI Nourish Oil. I live in Florida where heat and humidity is ubiquitous. I am in my 60s and need something to moisturize my skin but not be heavy and pore blocking. Nourish Oil is perfect for me. I use it every morning and evening after cleansing with a water based non-toxic cleanser. 

Avocado & Rosehip Nourish Treatment Oil reviewed by Lynn Marie Firehammer

This mix is so amazing! It will be a part of my weekly routine forever and there is no replacing it. It smells amazing and it does wonders for my skin... but the best part is using this while you’re sick. I’ve had a rough winter this year and everytime my sinuses get congested I use this steam and it helps clear everything up!! Definitely recommend!!

Spearmint & Lavender Calm Floral Facial Steam reviewed by Sarah

First of all. Have you ever purchased an item from a website and received an email from the owner who appreciates your order? That right there showed me that this website/company was remarkably different from anyone else. And the product! I will say I noticed a huge difference in my skin after only the first use. Very very soft feeling. I will buy this product over and over again.

SuperGreens & Lavender Clarify Green Clay Mask reviewed by Melissa

I received this as a gift and absolutely love it! I use a lot of bath products and this is easily going to be a favorite! I love the full seeds and blossoms. My son asked what I was doing with it so I told him planting a garden hehe Will definitely buy in the future. Best gift ever!

Lavender & Aloe Vera Relax Bath Soak reviewed by Kallie Robbins

I received this bottle as a gift. I was so excited to try. I just can't explain how wonderful the experience. It opened my pores and I saw a healthy glow on my face. I still had the glow the next morning. The fragrance was relaxing, not over powering. My nasal passages opened up and I was able to get a very deep full breath of air into my lungs. I could feel tension being released. I have very dry skin and is sensitive . I had no problems but did have to google how many times is recommended for my skin type. Wish the info was printed on the label. I have reordered as gifts for my friends.

Spearmint & Lavender Calm Floral Facial Steam reviewed by Donna

This cleanser is the best cleanser I have used in years. After so much spent on product after product, sample after sample, and my complexion growing increasingly dull, I am so happy I trialed one more..it is so gentle, smells sweet, does not strip what little moisture I have left, and has given me back my glow-even after the mistreatment of so many trials. The serum sample I asked for is also extremely amazing - it’s ‘just enough’ Thank you so much for these clean, safe, perfect products for this 57 year old gal. I am a fan forever.

Coconut Milk & Rice Bran Cleanse Foaming Face Wash reviewed by Patti