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Treat yourself to some self-care!

Hi 👋 I'm Val!

I'm the founder (and sole employee) of Klei.

My amazing, smart, and sweet little girl.

DIY avocado facials in my childhood kitchen.

I started Klei back in 2017 while working full-time as a buyer & planner in the fashion industry in NYC.

As a kid, I enjoyed making DIY beauty concoctions, things like avocado face masks, and drain-clogging oatmeal hair treatments. I rediscovered my childhood joy of creating natural products as a way to escape the stress of my fashion career, making clay masks after work and on the weekends on my dining room table. I found that creating self-care products was my own form of self-care.

Klei had since grown, and all products are now made and shipped by my amazing manufacturing partners in the tri-state area. Despite being stocked in major retailers like Nordstrom, Crate & Barrel, and Anthropologie, Klei is still a small business.

I'm a mom to an amazing little girl and live in Brooklyn with my insanely supportive husband and our very cute dog.

I love creating these products and seeing the joy that they bring others. I hope my products bring you a moment of peace and calm.

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