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Treat yourself to some self-care!

2020 Klei Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Klei Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the holiday season and there’s no way to sugarcoat how we are feeling: we’re exhausted and it has been a very difficult nine months. By the time New Year’s Eve rolls around we all will have endured quite a bit and we will be in serious need of some self-care.

Below we rounded up some of our favorite tools to help you celebrate this year, for all that it was. Be it a gift for your loved ones, or for yourselves, we support your love for self-care during this challenging period of time. 

Partying like it's 1999 is out - BUT self-care is in, and we promise it’s really just as much fun.

Relax Scrub

  • Cheers to a very sweet New Year with our sugar-y Relax Body Scrub. Formulated with the sweetness of organic sugar, you will feel comfortable leaving behind this harsh year. Allow the shea butter to soften the skin while you are calmed by the scents of coconut and lavender.




Nourish Oil

  • Our Avocado & Rosehip Nourish Oil is straight to the point, decadent and easy to apply. If we learned anything from 2020 it is to be proactive and plan ahead. By using our Nourish oil, you can protect your skin from future damage and repair it from previous injury at the same time. This powerful blend of skin-healing oils will leave the skin feeling soft and dewy, and can be used in both the morning or evening. 





Soften Soak

  • 2020 was laborious, don’t make this any harder than it needs to be. Our coconut milk and lavender foaming bath soak is the gift your bubble bath loving best friends needs! This product is like nothing we have ever created before, it is distinctive and exorbitant among a largely understated collection. You don’t want to miss out on this one, especially in the colder months.





Nourish Mask

  • The effects of this mask are sure to get anyone excited about what lies ahead in 2020. We’re being positive for the second year of this decade and so should you! Our Nourish Mask will work to soften and soothe the skin, without drying it out. If you typically dislike clay masks - this one's for you. Your skin is left feeling soft and pampered, never tight and dry.





Calm Floral Facial Steam

  • This holiday season, we get it. It’s hard to calm down. Allow yourself to feel refreshed and hopeful with our Calm Floral Facial Steam. This refreshing blend of florals and herbs will relax you and quiet your worries all the while opening and cleansing the pores.




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