Healing Ingredients to Bring Down Inflammation

One of the beauties of natural cosmetics is that it so well tailored to inflammation. At Klei, we speak a lot upon the topic of inflammation because that ends up being the reason for most concerns. Most inflammation comes from poor eating habits, poorly formulated self-care products, the environment, not enough sleep, and too much or too little of exercise. As a human, we have all fallen a custom to most if not all of these life habits. Luckily, some of the best medicine for your body to help improve and heal these issues are sourced from the Earth.

Chamomile is often called the herbal ibuprofen. It has been used for centuries to relieve pain from our bodies. Moisturizing the skin is also a great ability of chamomile. Just like lavender, its aromatic qualities help to treat stress and anxiety. You can find chamomile in many of our products such as; The Brighten Mask, The Soothe Sea Salt Bath Soak, Clarify Mask, The Smooth Scrub, The Relax Sea Salt Bath, The Detox Facial Steam.

Just like Chamomile. Dead Sea Salt has been around for centuries. Bathing in a solution of at least 5% Dead Sea salt boosts hydration of the skin, calms irritation and redness, smooths out rough skin, and strengthens the skin barrier. We believe in the importance of treating yourself to a bath soak at least once a week could help you maintain a healthy body. The minerals in bath soaks remove toxins from the body to help your overall health and relieve stress. You can find dead sea salt in each one of our bath soaks. We offer three different kinds depending on what you're targeting; The Relaxing Bath Soak, The Uplifting Bath Soak, and The Soothing Bath Soak.

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