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2021 Klei Holiday Gift Guide

2021 Klei Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays! Last year, the holidays were not what we all hoped they would be. We are ringing in this year's season with lots of hope and positivity for a bright future and 2022.  Tis’ the season for the self, and for sustainability. You and your loved ones can trust that gifting Klei means your purchase gives back, is cruelty-free and you are supporting a small business.

Self-care is in vogue all year round in our opinion, but the holidays can prove a difficult time for people for lots of different reasons. Offering your loved ones, colleagues or yourself tools to relax and ground yourself in intentions for the new year is a thoughtful way to show you care and say happy holidays.

Here we have rounded up some of our favorite Klei products to celebrate the holiday season. We curated this list to fit everyone that you care about.

Cleanse Foaming Face Wash

  • This is the cleanser everyone has been talking about. Wash away the unfavorable parts of 2021 and start fresh. Our Cleanse powder foams up between your hands with a little bit of water, and uses ingredients like coconut, pink clay and rice bran to clear away dirt and makeup.

Soothe Scrub

  • It’s winter of course, but our Soothe Scrub is the perfect gift for a friend who wants to get their skin feeling like midsummer status. It’s luxuriously packed with shea butter and oils to soften your skin and organic sugar to clear away dry areas.

Soften Soak

  • This soak is perfect for your friend that is still young at heart. Our Soften soak foams up like the bubble bath of your childhood dreams. We formulated it using coconut milk and lavender, making you and your bathroom smell wonderful. You won’t want to miss out on this self-care tool, it is especially perfect in the colder months.

Uplift Floral Facial Steam

  • This steam is perfect for your loved one that isn’t lax about self-care. They are willing to go the extra mile, put in the time and add an additional step to their self-care routine. Our Uplift steam and the smell of citrus peels and hibiscus will bring a boost of positivity yours or your loved ones' minds will appreciate as we embark on a new year.

Clarify Mask

  • Green is the color of the season! Our Clarify mask features green clay and lavender. It will pull out impurities from the skin, balance the complexion and is a perfect gift for someone who is looking to spend their New Years Eve in to have a self-care night.
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