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Why we choose to not use the term anti-aging

Why we choose to not use the term anti-aging

The term anti-aging is thrown around quite often in the skincare and beauty industries. The pursuit for a more youthful look is nothing new in today’s society and neither is skincare brands taking advantage of that desire. We believe that the process of aging is not only inevitable but beautiful.

Gray hair, wrinkled skin, sun damage and stretch marks are all signs of a life lived. These signs of life on our body stand for real things that we have gone through and endured, moments in our lives that we would never attempt to cover up. These pieces of us should not be concealed but celebrated. We don’t believe that aging is bad, or somehow something to avoid

In 2021 we should not have to be told we have to seek products that guarantee the reversal of a normal and beautiful process called aging. When we write to the Klei community about the effects of our products, we prefer to use words like rejuvenation, improved elasticity or renewal. That is because words matter. We believe those words to describe the way our products can improve the wellbeing of our skin and that they are valuable additions to one’s self-care routine, not at all because we think that the effects of time are something to fear or prevent. Celebration and care for our bodies and hearts, no matter the age is what we are all about.

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