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Treat yourself to some self-care!

How will you plan to reset this New Years Eve & Day?

How will you plan to reset this New Years Eve & Day?

With every New Years Eve and Day comes another opportunity to set intentions for the twelve months to come. This year seems to be especially unique as we have been given a moment to make our intentions and plans for the new year in a quieter more peaceful way. 

If 2020 wasn’t the year for self-care, we don’t know what was. And though 2021 will be all about self-care again, it will also be about healing and moving forward. It will be about being prepared for anything, building communities that are supportive and employing the skills of improvisation we were accustomed with this past year.

Spending the last day of the year and the first day of the new year mindfully and with intention is a beautiful way to say goodbye to 2020 and wave hello to 2021.


  1. Movement
    1. Prioritizing some exercise, gentle movement, stretching or a brief walk on the last day of the year and the first day of the new year will properly set the tone for the future. Afterwards, a rush of endorphins and serotonin as a result of the activity will get you in the right mindspace and positive mood for life’s next moments.
  2. Envision
    1. Journaling, sharing your goals in 2021 or creating a mood board are all highly recommended ways to spend the 31st & 1st. Although it’s hard to plan when things are so uncertain, it’s easy to dream and pin point the feelings and vibes you want from this next year. If you choose to mood board, try to avoid pinning specific goals like “be promoted” and lean into colors, pictures, inspiring quotes and things that make you feel joyful and forward-looking.
  3. Rest
    1. We know we sound like a broken record at this point, but we believe that rest is an essential part of any day - especially the last day of the year and first of the new year. Due to the coronavirus, many of us will be forced to stay home this year and instead of looking at that as a burden or missed opportunity, we encourage you to see it as an excuse to lay low and rest. Let’s face it, New Years Eve is often disappointing and sometimes messy. This year, hang in and watch your favorite movies and give yourself permission to even fall asleep before the ball drops if that’s what you have always wanted to do. 
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