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A Few Words On Acceptance

A Few Words On Acceptance

My whole life I have been told that when you are feeling distressed about a situation, you should practice acceptance and sit with the discomfort about situations you have no control over. When I strayed from that idea, people in my life reminded me that worrying creates the illusion of control and that I really was powerless. 


After some reflection on this, I realized that in my early adult life I started to practice acceptance in areas of my life that should not have been accepted. I am starting to understand how equally important it is to look at what you accept and think that you don’t have control over. It is interesting how it goes both ways. There have been so many times in my life where I have been in a bad situation and I sat still and did not act because I thought that I was powerless and I later found myself in a more difficult place.


Recognizing your power is something that everyone should begin work on. By examining things in your life you might be able to see the places that you are powerless over and the areas that you actually have influence in. Being wise enough to know the difference between the two is a wonderful weapon in protecting yourself and your energy. This brave understanding has the ability to take us all to greater heights in our careers, personal goals, relationships with others and most importantly in the relationship with yourself.

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