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An open letter to our community: We are so grateful for you

An open letter to our community: We are so grateful for you

A message for our lovely community: thank you.


Ever since George Floyd had his life taken from him two weeks ago, our feed has been filled with love, action, solitude & reverence for the black community. Since that day, our tiny team has been working to maintain a better presence in ally ship and send light to the people of color that are reeling with pain and grief right now.


We want change and so we moved forward with action. We sent emails to prosecutors & politicians and we sent money to struggling initiatives. We hit the streets hard. (Literally) One of us got maced and shoved to the ground by the NYPD. The cruelty of institutionalized racism and their attempts to quiet protestors, did not and will not discourage us.


We have accepted the truth, our white privilege is what we owe much of our success to.  We have come to recognize that it is people of color we have to thank for that. We know, that the time for talk is well behind us, and we must now have a plan.


As a first step in our plan we are pleased to announce that we have decided to donate 10% of all of our profits indefinitely, to Brooklyn initiatives that support healthcare, employment opportunities, housing, education, nutrition and more for people of color.


True change begins in your backyard. Brooklyn has given so much to us, and it is time we give back in partnership with the following organizations:
  • Brooklyn Neighborhood Improvement Association
BNIA’s mission is to empower low and moderate income residents of Central Brooklyn and its surrounding areas; to encourage and support leadership, neighborhood development and community participation in order to address the housing and economic development needs of the area.
  • Brooklyn Community Foundation
The BCF is dedicated to Brooklyn’s charitable community, working in partnership with generous donors and community leaders to bolster vital nonprofits, strengthen neighborhoods, and increase opportunities for youth.
  • Brooklyn Community Services.
BCS works to empower children, youth, adults and families to overcome the obstacles they face. Together we partner with our BCS to ensure opportunities for all to access an excellent education, jobs, safe and affordable housing, quality health care and wellness programs.


Keep on keeping on my friends, there is much to do and all of the power is in our hands.


Sending love & light to you, wherever you may be, Val & Maire. Xx

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