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Our Donation to Mask2Mask NYC

Our Donation to Mask2Mask NYC

When the coronavirus hit our communities, our team spent a lot of time thinking about how we can be of service to others who were affected by this pandemic. Even as our bottom line dwindled and we tried to find creative solutions to stay afloat as a small business amid a global recession and pandemic, we also wanted to give back. 



At Klei, we believe in self-care for all. We recognize that our healthcare workers on the frontlines of this illness were and continue to be in dire need of tools to find stillness among all the action. After months and months of working tirelessly in our hospitals and health clinics, they are exhausted and worn down. Things are especially difficult because there is no end in sight, and the lack of knowledge about when things will end, causes anxiety and general unrest for these workers.


For these reasons, we decided to partner with @mask2masknyc & @wegavewhat. Mask2MaskNYC brings items and tools for self-care to medical professionals all over the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, New York City. They helped us connect with these healthcare heroes and we were able to donate a great deal of our Nourish pink clay masks.



We are so grateful to these two organizations for helping us find a way to offer support and bring self-care to those who need it the most right now.


To our friends in self-care, beauty, skincare and more, please consider donating to this cause! As our nation struggles through this fight against COVID-19, it is important that we find ways to empower one another. Go to & to see how you can help out!

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