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Treat yourself to some self-care!

French Green Clay is the Skin's Remedy For Well, EVERYTHING.

French Green Clay is the Skin's Remedy For Well, EVERYTHING.

If you are looking over our lists of ingredients, you are going to run into clay quite a few times. We pride ourselves in sourcing only the most nourishing and effective ingredients for your self-care routine. Located in both our Clarify mask and our Relax bath soak you will find French Green Clay.

French Green Clay contains the twelve essential minerals that make up the human body. For this reason, its nourishing capabilities for the body are incomparable. In fact, it is the most rich and beneficial to the skin than any other clay. French Green Clay is activated when mixed with water making our Clarify mask and our Relax bath soak just as strong and effective as a product that includes water upon purchase, except with ours, there’s a much longer shelf life!

Let’s break down the benefits. French Green Clay… 

  • removes impurities from the pores. Green clay draws out all the gross stuff like: sebum, excess oil, dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, pollution and more.


  • draws toxins from the skin such as heavy metals. Neutralization occurs when you apply green clay because the negative ions in the clay effectively attract positively charged ions. Science!


  • controls the overproduction of oil. French Green Clay is the queeeeen of absorption. Any excess oil will be soaked right up and removed after application.


  • tones the skin and pores. Forget all about that $40 groupon for face yoga, French Green Clay has a strong ability to tighten the skin and reduce the size of pores.


  • cleanses the skin and reduces the chance of further breakouts. By reducing the amount of oil on the skin and getting rid of all the gunk, it's a proactive skincare solution.


  • smooths away dead skin cells. Green clay is the perfect exfoliating agent because it’s not too aggressive.


  • relieves sensitive skin and reduces redness. Due to its neutralizing strength, people who suffer from psoriasis, eczema and uncomfortable acne will see true calming relief from French Green Clay. 

Check out our products with French Green Clay below!


Have any questions about French Green Clay or any of the other ingredients we use in our products? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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