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How To Change Up Your Energy This Month

How To Change Up Your Energy This Month

Happy July! Change up your energy this month.


Earlier in the spring, at the start of the pandemic, we implored our community to ask themselves the question: when this is all over, how do you want to live your life? Shake up your life and change what you can. Some people will be able to change more than others, that will depend on a lot of factors, privilege being one.


The start of every month is a great time to set goals and spend some time thinking about what you would like to accomplish in the next four weeks. You should really sit with yourself for a bit and think about where you would like to be and how you would like your life to look on August 1st.


You can manifest these goals in any area of your life - in your relationships, profession, home, health, etcetera. Furthermore, "accomplish" is a loose term. By accomplish we mean the obvious, to achieve something or prepare for. But, accomplishing something this month could also be about setting a boundary for yourself or removing something that no longer serves you.


Here are a few tips for goal setting:

  • Be specific. Outline what your goal is, how long it will take and what the necessary steps are to pull it off.


  • Ensure that your goals are attainable. Don’t scribble in your journal that you would like to double the size of your small business by August 1st. Four weeks is not enough time to make that change. Instead consider what you could try to accomplish that would allow you to double the size of your business in 2 years.


  • Do not only consider what you would like to attain, but try to investigate what has gotten in the way of that goal in the past and focus on ways to remove it.
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