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Treat yourself to some self-care!

Practicing Home Care as Self Care

Practicing Home Care as Self Care

Life in the time of COVID-19 has brought a lot of changes. Some things have become clearer. Many of us have realized how much we rely on our daily routines, the value of a hug from a loved one and what a luxury it is to be served at a restaurant. Above all, nothing makes us notice what we do not like about our living space more than being required to remain in it indefinitely.

You should consider where you live as a sacred space. Be it your dream house you accomplished after years of hard work and saving, a starter place that you plan to move from in the next few years, or a small windowless room in an apartment you share with three others - it's yours and it should be a space you feel inspired and safe within.

This is a great time to shake things up in your space. Make it your own. Sit for a moment and think about, when this is all over, how do you want to live your life? Commuting to and from a space that you dislike existing in for more than a few hours daily? Change what you can. Some people will be able to change more than others, that will depend on privilege.

Below, we rounded up a few at home projects that can bring you inner peace in your space. They are not what you might expect when you hear “home improvements” but we hope that they serve as reminders for you and your goals and help make your space one that fosters those ambitions. We did not come up with these activities, they have simply worked for us in our homes, and we imagine many before ours. They require no paintbrushes, credit cards or phone numbers on Craigslist.


  • Less is more, right? Clean out a few of the spaces in your house that you know need some TLC.
  • Move through a few different categories of items like books, jewelry, clothing and more. In each one, consider whether or not each piece could be of more value to someone else. In those cases, make up some bags to donate. As many people continue to be laid off as a result of this crisis, clothing and other items that mean very little to you might be very useful to another. Some items will be very meaningful to you and you’ll know not to donate them. Many pieces might require simple disposal.
  • We guarantee that after moving through a simple clean out, one feels a better sense of order in their home and a stronger ability to handle the contents of the days ahead.

Make an altar (it doesn't have to be religious, btw.)

  • Although altars are traditionally used in Christianity, creating a space for yourself to keep important items and symbols for yourself is a great way to ground yourself in your home with items that remind you of your goals and what matters to you. If you don't like the term "altar", we can use mediation/reflective space, instead.
  • This is easy, and it should be intuitive. First find yourself a spot to place the altar. It could be on top of your bureau, an empty shelf or a sunny windowsill. Try to find a spot that you know you will pass by daily.
  • Clean the area thoroughly and then place 5-10 items that work within a general theme that you have chosen. That theme could be healing, financial prosperity, good health, happiness or others. The items can be anything you find suitable. Some ideas are dried flowers, crystals, pictures of loved ones, quotes, postcards, candles and more.
  • Giving yourself this space in your home will serve as a reminder to practice self-care daily.
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