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Struggling with Inflammation? Here's What We Suggest.

Struggling with Inflammation? Here's What We Suggest.

Many of us live day to day with low grade inflammation. This may be caused by poor eating habits, an allergy to an ingredient in a topical product, changes in the weather, the environment, not sleeping enough, too much or too little amount of exercise and more. When gone untreated, it could leave you with redness, a feeling of bloat and a general discomfort in your own body. Be it inflammation of the skin, joints or muscles, we have got you covered with our line of self-care products.  

At Klei we source our ingredients from the Earth, not a laboratory, so here are our two best tools we use to fight inflammation from Mother Earth herself. 

To treat skin inflammation we suggest using Chamomile. Many cultures consider it an “herbal ibuprofen.” Its benefits have been employed by mankind for centuries to treat redness and swelling of the skin due to irritation. Additionally, chamomile has strong moisturizing capabilities. Similar to other herbs, such as lavender, it has aromatic qualities that help to treat stress and anxiety. To treat and correct irritable skin, employ chamomile. You can find it in a number of our products such as; our Nourish Mask, Cleanse Foaming Face Wash, and our Calm and Uplift Facial Steams. 

Dead Sea Salt is one of the most versatile tools the Earth has to offer. It is especially helpful for those looking to soothe sore muscles and joints. Using a bath soak that contains Dead Sea salt promotes the recovery of cartilage, muscles, joints and connective tissues. The minerals in bath soaks remove toxins from the body to help your overall health and relieve stress. Additionally, Dead Sea salt has incredible rejuvenating properties that will moisturize, exfoliate and strengthen your skin. You can find dead sea salt in each one of our bath soaks: Relax, Uplift, and Soothe.

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Clockwise from top: The Calm Facial Steam, The Cleanse Facial Wash Powder, The Uplift Bath Soak, The Relax Bath Soak, The Soothe Bath Soak, The Nourish Mask, The Uplift Facial Steam

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