What Are Fruit Enzymes?

Fruit enzymes seem to be all craze in the skincare community right now. For a while now we have known how good enzymes from fruits are for our digestive system. However, recently, doctors have discovered their wonderful effects on the skin too. It removes the keratin protein that is on the surface of your skin. This essentially is the removal of dead skin cells. Enzymes work to either exfoliate or bring down inflammation.

The benefits of fruit enzymes:

  • Smoother and softer skin
  • Clear pores/minimal blackheads
  • Even Complexion
  • Acne relief
  • Glowy-glass skin
  • Elimination of redness
  • Soothed skin irritations

This form of exfoliation is highly recommended because it is a much gentler approach compared to chemical acids. We love how it is formulated into our products because they provide an extra boost to the already amazing list of ingredients. We have fruit enzymes in both our Brighten Mask and our Cleanse Powder. Klei recommends exfoliating with enzymes if you're on the sensitive side and regular acid peels are too abrasive. Even then, it is recommended to always wear your SPF when working with acids. Your skin is more sensitive to sun rays when doing so.

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